When I first laid eyes on my future home, it was love at first sight. The long open space and fully developed collection was a sight to behold. The furniture was fairly new and it had a literature circle with built in benches and huge picturesque windows overlooking Fordham Road.  There was a couch and cozy reading area in the Easy book section with a carpet of the US.A map.  But the best part about accepting this new position was the fact that I could start off with a bang and host a library reopening ceremony, something a school libraray media specialist’s dreams are made of……………

October 5, 2012 marked P.S. 54 Fordham Bedford Academy’s Official Library Reopening Ceremony. The school and staff were very fortunate to  have several busy and important guests turn out. Jose Vargas, UFT Bronx District Representative, Marcus Escobar, UFT Bronx District 10 Representative and Nick Cruz and Dana Falciglia, also from UFT attended.

(I am in a penguin costume after doing the read aloud If You Were a Penguin.)

NYCDOE Library Services was represented by Olga Nesi. She  relayed her love of books and passion for reading to students.

Deputy Borough President, Aureila Greene, came, spoke  and interacted with the students.

Every student present tried to tell her what they wanted to be when they grow up. Assemblyman Jose Rivera was out due to a surgery and was represented by a member of his staff.  Our parents came out in good numbers to support this event.

5th grader Cindy Abundez explained to a group of Rockets why the library is such a magical and special place. Mr. Lamanna’s special education class performed two library songs.

Jayleen Pagan sang solo with a two person chorus, Edwin Soloman and Natalia Sanchez.

P.S. 54 Principal, Maribelle Pardo, addressing 65 students, parents and special guests.

Assistant Principal, Maria Leatherwood enjoying the festivities.