Hello everyone! It’s me again, Lashon Bonaventure, GENYOUth Now student ambassador and Fuel Up to PLay 60 ambassador . These  past two weeks have been busy. I say  that because my partner, Laynie, and I have been going into classes teaching teachers and children how to be active and do exercises each day. The idea is to  get them to do it each day three times a day. We handed out special activity cards that show different poses. We read the poses out loud and modeled for all the kids so they would know. We suggested that children transition three times a day for at least 5 minutes each time. This way they automatically get 15 minutes of extra activity a day. Combine that with the recess outside and we should have 60 minutes of play a day. I hope everything goes smoothly. Some of the exercises are eagle tree pose, jumping jacks/ squats and things like that. Also Thanksgiving is coming up. So after that major holiday, it’s going   to be hard to burn that eating off. 🙂 so, let’s make it a practice to be active now so that we make it a habit. 🍖