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P.S. 54 5th graders were so excited to be given the job of putting together the school’s compost bin. Scholars read the instruction booklet and assembled and took apart and reassembled the compost bin. The 5th graders were literally fighting over who got to do the job. One student started and others rushed to his side by helping to read aloud the manual. When the panels didn’t sit right, children took it apart and redid it until it was just right. Composting has new meaning when scholars take ownership and make the bin themselves. Teamwork makes the dream work!!!2013-12-03 17.17.42 2013-12-03 17.17.55 2013-12-03 17.18.13-1 2013-12-03 17.19.10-1 2013-12-03 17.19.17 2013-12-03 17.19.33 2013-12-03 17.19.37 2013-12-03 17.19.41