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A 4th grade class recently had the chance to experience Mystery Skype with @msoskil and his social studies class. Students on both ends eagerly asked questions and marked off states on the map that they knew it could not be. Questions were limited to yes or no only. All scholars had assigned jobs and acted within their roles. Children excitedly whispered thoughts to each other and potential questions. At one point, one if our speakers spoke too quickly in asking his questions to the mystery class and flatly stated ” I take that back” thus generating giggles from the experienced opponents he faced. Just as the students determined where the class was located, @msoskil and his students asked the million dollar question and correctly guessed what state the class was located in. Mystery Skype was a fun and unforgettable learning experience that we can’t wait to try again! I don’t know who had more fun the teachers or the students! Thanks Microsoft for giving us Skype.

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