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Ms. Lopez’s 4th grade class got a crack at Mystery Skype with a gifted and talented class. After taking turns asking several yes and no questions, P.S. 54 4th graders were able to determine that their challengers have a mild winter, borders the ocean as one of the 13 colonies, state name does not start with a vowel and has more than three syllables. Children worked as a team looking up information, writing questions for the speakers to ask and crossing off states that knew it could not be. Before our 4th graders had the chance to determine what state their challengers are from, they opponents held up a white board asking “Are you in New York?” Groans escaped the class. Each Mystery Skype makes P.S. 54 students more equipped to handle various formats of information like charts, maps, lists and other factual evidence. Children learn to promote teamwork and listening skills. They become more patient as the interact and watch their counterparts interact from various destinations across the U.S. In addition, literacy is being promoted as scholars write about their experiences and take responsibility for the Skype jobs. Mystery Skype is a win-win situation!!!!