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Fourth graders from Ms. Jackson’s and Ms. Lopez’s are learning about the stock market and finances.  In a group selected by the teachers, children are able to learn about the New York Stock Exchange and the NASDAQ exchange. Students analyzed their own lives and reflected on every day products they know, love and use. They brainstormed and came up with Apple, McDonald’s, Sony, Colgate, Six Flags, Disney, Scholastic, Target,  Staples, Children’s Place, Starbucks, Johnson & Johnson, Samsung and Google. Children selected an investment choice based on financial numbers and individual experiences.  Scholars are beginning to understand what a dividend is and PE ratio. They are checking their stock prices and charting price fluctuations. With an imaginary $50,000 to invest, scholars have until the end of the year to determine who made the best investment. Stay tuned for more exciting news to come!!!