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The end of a school year signals excitement for teachers and students primarily because it enables them to rest, rejuvenate and come back to school refreshed and stimulated for another rigorous school year. This particular school year ending was even more special since Microsoft and NCCE sponsored the Microsoft Innovative Educator Expert weekend down at Philadelphia, PA at the ISTE 2015 Conference.

MIE Experts were given a chance to meet, collaborate and communicate with other MIE Experts from around the nation and talk shop. It was encouraging and enlightening to hear how others respond to the demands and challenges continuously being placed on the teaching profession. MIE Experts were teamed up to play an advanced game of savenger hunter that enabled educators to bond as they ran all over and learned about the beautiful and historic city of Philly.

Then Shannon Miller, former librarian turned consultant, delivered an interesting keynote on how she branded herself and her little school library in Van Meter, Iowa. It was inspirational to see and hear how she transformed and grew under the direct influence of her PLN by tweeting her way to innovation and success.

As a group, the MIE Experts attended the ISTE keynote to hear Soledad O’Brien relate her life experiences and the value of a strong education to equalize the playing field.This influential journalist continually emphasized the importance of building minority students and supporting their endeavors in school so that more can attend and graduate from college.

Thank you Microsoft and NCCE for an educational and inspiring weekend! This was the best PD I have ever attended!!!