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November 6 marked a very important day for this excited school library media specialist. Along with esteemed Mansfield Professor Cindy Keller, I was able to present an AASL session to libraries from all over the US and even a few international attendees. The workshop had 38 participants.


We shared with participants the importance of e-Portfolios for both professionals and students. Digital portfolios are so helpful in a school environment since education is becoming increasingly paperless. e-Portfolios are great tools for reflection, assessment and for showcasing great work being done. Rather than confining professional and student achievements to the borders of the school walls,e-Portfolios allow us to reach connected colleagues, stakeholders, administrators, potential employers, school admission boards and a global audience in general.

OneNote, Microsoft’s best kept secret, is gaining increasing popularity as a free, collaborative digital resource that further aids in organization and accessibility. Participants were taught how to use OneNote and spend collaborative time together planning a digital portfolio. Please see onenoteforteachers.com for more tips and techniques for using this awesome resource.


Most notably, esteemed library legend Barbara Stripling was in our session audience. After, I spoke with Barbara Stripling and she proudly told me to keep forging ahead – she has kept up with all the work I have done. What a honor!

Use OneNote to build your professional equity and transform student learning!!!