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Last week, I was so blessed. I was blessed to be supported by a principal who understands the importance of professional development. I was blessed to be part of a cohort of NCCE and Microsoft Innovative Educators that continually push the envelop and seek greater challenges. And I was blessed to be able to receive Minecraft in the Classroom training in order to facilitate change and empower student voice.


Minecraft is an amazing new tool that engages students and makes learning fun and stimulating. Too often, I have heard that that “school is boring,” or “we never get to talk about important things- only what the teachers what us to talk about.” Some teachers think Minecraft is just a game. But it is really so much more. While part of Minecraft is game creation, it also facilitates transdisciplinary learning with the right planning and incorporation of the curriculum. While some may dismiss game creation as a catalyst for learning, look closely and you will see children’s lives change for the better through it. They learn to work through problems and not give up.They develop confidence and the ability to articulate their thoughts and ideas as they scaffold teaching others. Minecraft teaches resilence, persistence and critical thinking  as children are engaged, motivated and ready to learn.

Consider adding Minecraft to your library or classroom. You won’t regret it!