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Continuing in my new school’s tradition, I am leading the monthly book club established by my predecessor. The book club is a family engagement piece that requires both an adult and child to be present for all sessions held once a month in the evening. Families receive a chapter book to read together and then come the following month to participate in accountable talk, do literacy based activities and just bond in general with their family.


Nowadays, adults are so busy working and have little time to spend together. Family book clubs are a special time away from the hustle and bustle and will become memories for our children to cherish when they later grow up. For the first meeting, even though the book was just being given out to be read, parents and children used joint memoirs to create into shared books . Story lines were continuous even though parents and children alternated illustrating and writing each page.After the presentations of their created books were done, many parents came up to thank me for having had fun and reading at the same time, something they did not think was possible.

As the old saying goes, ” Families that read together succeed together.”