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Just last week I connected a 2nd grade library class with a high school reader in Arkansas. Fellow school guybrarian extraordinaire, Stony Evans, in Arkansas asked to Skype. We had planned last year to Skype and connect our schools, but the school  I was at frowned on using technology for anything other than typing games and testing children. This year is a whole new ballgame.



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Angel, Stony’s student, read aloud to Ms. Maldonado’s 2nd graders. They were thrilled that they could see and hear a person far away in another state and as a live feed.  Prior to Angel reading, Stony gave our students a tour of his library and quickly walked outside so they could see how hot and sunny the weather is in Arkansas, much different from the 48 degree cold day we were experiencing in a suburb outside of New York City.

Consider using Skype to learn and teach without boundaries. Skype even has a translator app that will translate many languages quickly and efficiently so classes can connect and learn more about other countries, customs and people.