Scholars were given several opportunities to learn, make and create in the school library media center. They were able to connect a reading of How The Grinch Stole Christmas by determining the three different connections readers make to books: 1. text to text, 2. text to self, 3. text to world.  After, scholars then cut, decorated and glued their own Grinch faces and each face looked very different from the others.




While it may seem like a simple activity, there are so few times during the course of the day when children are actually using motor skills and being creative.


As an introduction into the makerspace that is officially launching in January to the whole school, children used straws and connectors in teams to create standing structures. It was interesting to observe the more successful teams were able to communicate, collaborate and create best by working and listening to one another. Some children had difficulty working in teams and this exercise in other STEM activities will serve to strengthen their people skills.

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STEM is  state of mind. STEM is about thinking outside of the box, being critical and analytical. STEM is a way of life.