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Having gotten a grant from BOCES to help start a makerspace, I decided to further expand the concept and focus on one class of 2nd graders. Eight children were selected to come into the library once or twice a week to tinker, play and explore in the makerspace. The children were not given any directives or an assignment. Instead,Β  I just explained the concept of makerspace and told the children they could do whatever they wanted to as long as they clean up.


With an abundance of boxes, cardboard and toilet paper rolls, children were quick to look on Microsoft’s Bing search engine for ideas of what to do. The boys focused on making parking garages for their matchbox racing cars. Carter focused on making a driveway and scenery. He used duct tape to decorate.



Meanwhile, Justin and Carlos stacked lots and lots of toilet paper rolls from the top to bottom of their shoe boxes so they could get as many car into their garage as possible.


The girls made abstract art structures as they learned to fine tune the art of duct tape. One roll at a time, the girls began to work with each other to hold and tape rather they try to cut off long strips. They quickly found that collaboration makes the work so much faster and fluid.


After a couple of sessions, all participants had a chance to take home their projects born of ingenuity and repurposed products.