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Recently inspired by the drive, motivation and innovation of my neighboring coworker, I have decided to blog about her innovation. Victoria Bolton, the tech rep. at my school is also a published author. She has written three books and has had them receive positive reviews on several prominent and well known review lists all while working full-timeย . Laying the groundwork for her movie, which is in the works, Victoria has organized a virtual reality art gallery tour of her book characters.

Reaching out in collaboration with artists worldwide, Victoria has sought interpretative pictures of her characters and synthesized them into an art show. All artists read her novels and use descriptions from the text with their own views on how the characters look. ย We all know many people talk about their dreams, though few actually follow through. Not only has Victoria made her dreams a reality, but she relentless works through projects till completion and has an added creative twist.

While this post has no pictures, take a look at the virtual reality art gallery. You won’t want to leave!!!