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Ten 2nd and 3rd graders made a field trip to the local vet, Dr. Thayer. Dr. Thayer set aside time in his schedule before pet surgeries to answer questions about how scholars can design a working limb for a pet in need. Students came with written questions and furiously scribbled answers on their clipboards.

“How can we attach the leg?”

“Do you know a dog or cat that needs a leg?”

“Should the leg have a wheel to roll the foot?”

“How can we make the leg bend? Do we need two pieces?”

Dr. Thayer patiently answered all questions and used a stuff dog to model points of consideration. When the children go back to the drawing board to create this 3D limb, they truly have their work cut out for them. Not only are they learning to use Tinkercad, a 3D modeling program, but students have to make sure the leg fits specific measurements. Several times they have turned away frustrated


Thank you, Dr. Thayer, for your time and expertise!