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The second week in October the school library hosted Joan Lylod, a retired teacher and a lifetime Yorktown resident. Joan spends all her time teaching kids how to make earrings from scratch with wires, beads and small hand tools. She goes to scouts, public libraries and schools with a mission. The earring creation is not just the basis of a maker activity or to promote design, creativity and time away from electronic devices, but a means to instill student service learning.

Scholars are asked to make earrings to donate to My Sister’s Place. The earrings specially created for total strangers in need truly do put a smile on someone’s face. While participants are able to  keep a pair for every pair they make and donate, many people instead opt to donate all the pairs they make.

In the Library Media Center, both middle school and high school students participated. Many boys demonstrated a great deal of patience as they quickly mastered the art of construction with quick twists, turns and created beautiful little, wearable art masterpieces.

Look for Joan and book a workshop! You will be glad you did as scholars  learn to better understand service learning when they are able to be active contributors.