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So last week my former colleague and recent winner of the NYSCATE Technology Leader of the Year Award, Rocco Varuolo, asked me what the high school was doing for Hour of Code.  I started to lamely answer that I don’t really get the classes to come for that since I’m on a flexible schedule and teachers that sign up and come are doing research projects and on a tight timeline. But then I caught myself and asked, ” Why can’t  I get the kids to code? I can if I really try.”

So this week my mission has been to implement a quick Google Doodle coding fun. Scholars come in and watch a quick tutorial how to and then begin to drop, drag and rotate until they come up with their own Google Doodle.

Now I did have some kids that as soon as I said the word “code” they almost immediately shut down and flatly said they couldn’t do it. But with a little urging and some impromptu support from other scholars, they quickly tried it and succeeded.

After viewing the finished products, I think we have some super coders and graphic artists here!